Friday Night

Opening Ceremonies

Let’s get this party started! Find out what we have lined up for the weekend, be introduced to our great judges and competitors for WCBB and WCPE.

Meet and Greet!

Get to meet or reunite with all your Wicked family and friends in the Art Gallery off the lounge… Please note public space, so keep to “muggle” decorum please!

After the Meet and Greet - Kinky Kilted Pole Dancing

We’re back for a second sexy spin around the pole Friday night at Wicked...make sure you don’t miss out!

We will have dancers - a show full of sexy and talented people ready to rev your engine for the night and weekend ahead! Our brilliantly talented and rapier sharp MC will once again make sure you know what’s happening and keep you laughing in between acts. This year’s edition of KKPD will have so much sexy on stage (& in the audience) we will once again be providing puppy pads for the fine folks in Pervert’s Row (with extras in case Nelson dances again).

Saturday Night

GALA Dinner

One of the mainstay activities of Wicked in the West, is there is always room at the table for everyone! This includes our buffet style dinner on Saturday night, which is included for all! Come dress up in your formal leathers, cocktail wear, ballgowns, appropriate fetish wear (please no “bits” on display). When you see us in our finery, we make a “hawt” looking group! It’s pretty amazing!

There will be cash-bar for cocktails pre-dinner, with Keynote and fantasies afterwards!

Ritual after the Gala Dinner Saturday night

Blood and Kharis: A Ritual of Gratitude

What good do you have in your life? How much do you value what you have? Are you willing to bleed for what you cherish? The ancient Greek word kharis described a concept of thankfulness, exchange, humility, mercy, and grace, all interconnected in a single virtue. Can you walk through life with kharis? In this ritual you'll show your gratitude by bleeding for what you value. Choose from a variety of methods for acquiring blood, prove your thanks with your own life force, and celebrate your gratitude with an ecstatic drum and dance

*feel free to bring drums, rattles or other appropriate sound makers.

Please note this will take place Saturday night after the gala. While we will accept anyone wanting to play a supportive role, those wishing to bleed for the ritual will be capped at 50, Please ensure you are in a positive head space due to the intense nature of this event. A keepsake bottle will be given for rememberance


Closing Ceremonies

..At the end of weekend Sunday (there is a dungeon afterwards so not 100% right but… Quit judging!)

We announce titleholders, step-down speeches, a “love-in” of sorts!

Games Room

Sunday evening, we expect many of us will be too exhausted to play in the dungeon… Bring a board game, cards, etc., hang out and chill…