Dungeon Rules

  1. Anyone entering or leaving the dungeon venue MUST be appropriately dressed. Please be respectful of the other hotel patrons and keep noise to a minimum. This hotel is very accommodating to our community and we wish to maintain our relationship with them.
  2. No alcohol or drugs. Anyone deemed to be under the influence of any drug (including alcohol or prescription drugs) may be denied admittance, instructed to cease play, or be asked to leave at the discretion of the head dungeon monitor (DM).
  3. Cell phones MUST remain in your pocket in the dungeon and social area. If you must use your cell phone, do so outside the event space (ie use public hallways, stairwells, washrooms). No photography / cameras of any type are permitted in the dungeon or social area. Use of cell phone / camera in the dungeon space will result in user being asked to leave the event without refund. Note: Head DM (or someone authorized by head DM) may use phone to contact 911 and event producers in case of an emergency.
  4. The word of the head DM is final in the dungeon. The following types of play are not permitted in this venue: Fire play; water sports; scat; glitter and/or confetti; rainbow play; irritants including mace, bear spray & pepper spray; firearms (real or replicate); and stun/taser guns (real or replicate). The following scenes are restricted (blood play, needle play, knife play, take down scenes, plug in electrical play, & wax play) and MUST have approval of a DM prior to starting scene. Any scene involving a gag or sensory deprivation must have a non-verbal safe signal arranged in advance. If in doubt, consult with the DM before starting scene.
  5. The house safeword is Red – play in that space must stop.
  6. Be respectful of other people’s space and property. If you don’t have permission, don’t touch.
  7. Social talking belongs in the social area, don’t be that person talking about the game/work/whatever next to scene space.
  8. The dungeon is a sex positive space. You are responsible for containment of any bodily fluids and cleanup of same. Please ensure that there is a barrier (wet spot blanket, puppy pad, etc) between bare skin and furniture in both the dungeon and the social area. Please ensure that your scene space is properly cleaned up promptly at the conclusion of your scene so that other people may use the space.
  9. No monetary compensation for scenes or sexual acts (prostitution) are permitted.
  10. If you are uncomfortable with a scene taking place in the dungeon, we ascribe to the “Rule of Two Feet”. Put yours in motion and leave the area. Do not interfere in anyone else’s scene, advise a DM if you have concerns.
  11. Do not monopolize play spaces. DM has authority to set time limits on use of scene space if appropriate.
  12. Have fun!