Xavier and slave darby - Bio

Redefining Service (aka “Master, i can't cook tonight.”)

Where there is illness, disability, or any other limitation, it can be challenging to both give and receive service. How can both D-types and s-types redefine our definitions of “service” in ways that respect our physical and emotional needs, and still leave both parties fulfilled?

This class is a focus on what we CAN do, not what we can’t. We’ll explore ways to see and appreciate the service aspect in all our actions, even those actions that don’t look like the fantasy novels.

“Redefining Service” is a new class for this year that we are really excited to offer, as it is a subject matter dear to us.

H3rself - Bio

Navigating Darkness

What if we could find out what causes us to lie about who we are, or to inadvertently push people away? It’s an interesting question. Asking what’s hidden in that corner of our mind that we’re doing a very convincing job of pretending doesn’t exist. Could we imagine a world where one never needed to hide things from others? In a world filled by light, would we still seek, and create, darkness? In a world where kink was socially accepted, would we be doing something else? Something darker? This class is about things that we are trained to not talk about and how to navigate the challenges of finding others who understand - even within the community. It’s about those words we choose very carefully to poke the minds of others, trying to see if they’re playing the same game of hide-and-seek as us. It’s about why we are all here at an event like Wicked. And it’s about how to best embrace our inner darkness to make the most of the light. This class will hopefully be more of a guided discussion than a lecture. I hope for it to be a place for us to talk honestly about our darknesses, if desired, and to seek out our common threads that are otherwise hidden by the very nature of darkness. Equal parts life experience, philosophy, anthropology, and psychology.

Turple - Bio

When More Lube Doesn’t Cut It

Penetration. Many people who are involved in kink expect that penetration will be a given in their sexual relationships. It is generally assumed that someone who is sexually active or kinky will enjoy being penetrated in some way. But what about those of us who experience difficulty being penetrated?

Perhaps you’ve experienced painful intercourse, and wondered if there was something wrong with you? It can be easy to feel alone in this, especially in environments like Fetlife and BDSM events, where penetration can be seen as the ‘Holy Grail’ of Kinksterhood. Perhaps you’ve been told that all you need is ‘more lube’.

This isn’t so much a workshop as it is a round table. Many of us might feel like sexual dysfunction has to be something we hide, lest we lose our “kink cred”. I would like to provide an opportunity for kinksters of all ages, orientations and gender variations, to share their experiences on dealing with sexual dysfunction, all in a preach-free zone.

Tattoo Goddess and Griff: - Bio


So you've learned all the basics like flogging, caning, bondage, and all the other cool things us BDSM folks do!


This intermediate class is about putting it all together and creating a magical dance combining pleasure and pain, sadism and sensuality resulting in a deeper more satisfying bdsm scene.

It will cover topics such as foreplay, creating the mood, how to create flow during a scene, different types of scenes, using all the senses, props. Most importantly how to create a stronger more intense connection with your partner.


Getting primal with anal pegging and fisting.

So do you ever think to yourself while enjoying your morning coffee "What's up with all the anal these days?

This is the class for you! The anus is about as close as you can get to your root and sacral chakras making anal sex one of the most primal ways to release sexual energy.

Join Griff and Tattoo Goddess as we cover the social stigma behind anal play, cleaning out, basic fisting and pegging techniques,lubes, equipment, and safety.

Of course there will be an awesome demo where we GO BIG OR GO HOME!


Informed consent, negotiation, and predators

A survival guide for bdsm and dating

Consent violations are not always the result of underhanded actions of a sexual predator but due to a lack of lack of informed consent and poor negotiation skills. Fifty Shades of Common Sense will help you to learn ways to navigate between the good, bad, ugly with potential suitors as well helping you to find and maintain satisfying bdsm relationships through strong negotiation skills, informed enthusiastic consent and what that really looks like.

Kruella and Cat (IPE 2019) - Bio

Evolutionary Dynamics

This class will be an exploration of how different dynamic types can be blended together with primal dynamics to create a customized power exchange to fit you! Kruella and Cat's primal dynamic begins from the idea that every person in the Pride must undergo constant personal evolution to adapt and overcome repeated power struggles to prove that one has earned their place. Learn how to strengthen your existing power exchange using an evolutionary model to evolve and adapt to challenges that confront you!

The Paddle has Just Begun!

Are typical impact scenes getting you down? In this class, we will explore styles of impact play with a primal twist. This class will cover ideas for impact scenes getting off the spanking bench and involving free movement, impact toy sparring, and some forms of electrical impact predicament bondage. Warning: this class may result in an increase in sassiness from your bottoms! Bring your impact toys for some hands on!

Non-traditional Dynamics

The BDSM, Leather, and Fetish lifestyles are already non-traditional when compared to vanilla life, but what happens when we want to tweak the rules of our relationships in ways that fit us, personally? Non-traditional Dynamics focuses on relationship styles that bend or break the conventions we often see in the lifestyle, including polyamorous power exchanges, non-hierarchical kink and poly families, Dom/me bottoms who top as a service, “power with” and “power over” relationships, evolutionary dynamics, and more!

Thista Minai - Bio

Sacred Crisis: The Anatomy of Ordeal

What makes an ordeal? What is the difference between an intense or spiritual scene and an ordeal? How do ordeal rituals help us reach our deepest selves? In this workshop, we’ll explore the essential components of ordeal, and learn how to make the most of our suffering.

Suffering for Spirit: The Depths of Ordeal

In profound moments of sacred struggle, ordeal offers discovery, challenge, catharsis, relief, and connection. How can suffering lead to a more authentic self? What possibilities await in the shadows of our souls? Come explore the many ways in which agony can lead to transformation and empowerment.

Axis Experience - Bio

Trusting your Gut-- and safely getting out and about

Our community delves deep into extreme sensations, experiences, and emotions. In doing so we quite often find ourselves dancing along the fine edge of personal safety.

This course is designed to help us quickly recognize and properly deal with these potentially life altering dangers. -Taught by Axis

Please note this class will have a cap of 30 persons

The Tingling in Your Gut

Part one of this workshop will explore and explain the science of our survival instinct, that “Gut Feeling”.

Why we so often ignore our built-in warning systems and how to take advantage of our amazing survival skills.

Along the way we will debunk many common self defense myths, discovering why they are so dangerous.

Next we get physical learning some simple and extremely effective self defense techniques and strategies.

When no other Option

Part two is where we get intensely brutal and ferocious, focusing on surviving worst case scenarios including fighting from the ground, dealing with much larger and overpowering attackers, and defending against weapons.

Axis has a particular talent for instructing with an exuberant and uplifting energy but be aware that this part of the workshop delves into severe and potentially traumatic territory.

Jesbian - Bio

Playing with My Food

This class is an exploration of tasting… and touching your food. I showcase the smallest licks to the biggest sploshing with no holds bared demos. From your basics of cream and sugar to elaborate cupcakes and pies to the savory bloody temptations of meats on a hook hook… this class is made to inspire your most delectable desires. Bottom Line: It’s Playing with your food for Adults. Tap into the mess you were never allowed to have.

Service Littles: Service in Many Forms

This class will explore the concept of Age Play as a Power Exchange with the role of the Dominant expressed as a Big and the role of the submissive expressed as a little. We will dig deeper into “the service little” defining multiple paths of service. This includes ways to not only give back to Bigs but also to the leather community at large. We adapt our class to all age players no matter their age and explore the concepts of how to be a “service little” with a can-do attitude. There will be a work exercise to begin identifying unique service skills and how to customize your service bag.

Under My Boot

When asked recently what my favorite toy was, the answer was obvious: my boots. The boots we we wear are good for more than just looking pretty, they make wonderful implements. Boots can not only be used as just a simple impact toy, but they are particularly effective for reinforcing or building a D/s dynamic. In this class we will of course talk about about technique and safety — but once we get through the basics, there will be some smoking hot demos. Upon leaving this class; you will not only have the tools to build a sexy stomping scene — you will also leave with the ability to incorporate these skills to strengthen your relationship.

Teagan and Jesbian

Put a Hood on It

Hi. I’m Teagan, and I put hoods on things. Everything is always better with a hood! Got a submissive for an impact scene?Put a hood on it! Planning a big needle scene? Put a hood on it! Almost every scene can be improved with a little bit of sensory deprivation. Or maybe you enjoy hoods just for the experience? Well, have you tried TWO hoods?!?! Put a hood on it! We’ve got leather, latex, and neoprene hoods for all to try!

For those Littles, or those curious about, or Bigs...

Daddy Crone (Leenie) - Bio

Whip Workshop: Experience Passion, Joy, Fear and Healing.

Everyone knows a whip when they hear one, some people are terrified by them, others get a excited. This class is designed for both extremes and everything in between. We will discuss and demonstrate techniques, style, safety and above all connecting with your partner. It is intended to be more of a guided exchange of energy, a journey through the pleasure and pain.

Come learn the dance and flow that is possible. Learn to create more depth/connection and tap into your passion. Whether a Top or bottom, this starts with a willingness to be present. Leenie will be guiding those who wish to throw the whip plus assisting bottoms work through their resistance to receiving the whip, creating an opportunity to reshape negative experiences into a re-opening/positive experience and connection to your passion.

This workshop will leave you with solid skills, power exchange energy awareness, and an undying love for the whip. Although this class is participation based, the dance is mesmerizing to watch and an altering experience for everyone. It is so much more than technique.

Participation will be welcomed and encouraged. If you own whips, bring them. Let's Dance!

Are you willing! for Left of the slash only.

I found many years ago that, as one on the left side of the slash I too needed moments of surrender. To release that which no longer serves me or to embrace my strength in vulnerability. This is an opportunity to take that journey in a safe environment. This dance would not be surrendering or bottoming to me. It would be a dance of release and freedom for You! Through the years of facilitating the whip workshop, I have always been especially humbled, when another Top/Dominant has stood in the center of the room to experience and embrace their humanity. Are You Willing?

slave tabitha - Bio


Titleholding can be edge play. Titleholding can take you to the edge of what is comfortable for you. In this class we will talk a little bit about the history of titleholding. What are expectations for yourself and your community? What are some of the challenges and joys of holding a title? If you are a titleholder (past or present) or thinking about running for a title, come be a part of this class!

Whipmaster Bob - Bio

Whole Body S/m

Whole Body S/m is a class about just that! Playing with the whole body. Not just backs and butts or chests and thighs. But the whole thing! From the top of the head, to the soles of the feet and everything in between. Pick a toy, pick a body part, and we’ll examine the possibilities. This is a very interactive class! The more you participate, the more you get out of it! So come on in and let’s explore.

Blade Play

There are few things on the planet, that will get your heart pounding and your blood racing like the cold steel of a beautiful blade. In this class, we will discuss types of blades, shapes, sizes and styles. Various techniques and scenarios will be discussed as well. Bring your favorite blades and someone to practice on, because this is a hands on class and demo. Come with me, and we will dance on the edge together! Disclaimer: This is not a blood play class!

Kimi Basil - Bio

Stop Drop, and Roll

Ever wonder why you experience “Drop”? Wonder why sometimes it is more intense than others? Think you don’t experience drop? This discussion will help understand the chemical, psycho social and physical interplay leading to drop and provide some idea to help you mange the intensity of drop. This discussion will include aspects of frenzy as there appears to be a natural progression through both. Ideally participants will feel empowered to share stories and creative solutions to manage drop. Information about strategies and coping mechanisms to reduce the intensity and frequency will also be shared.

Bunnyfoofoo42 - Bio

Wicked Orientation

Are you new to Wicked, to conferences, or new to kink events entirely? Designed especially for those new to all the above we will be offering an orientation on Friday Oct. 11 before everything kicks off. Do you have to be new to attend? Of course not! Anyone is welcome to attend and hopefully learn a few things. We will be covering basics of consent and negotiation, behavior and etiquette at kink events, how conferences work, and what Wicked specifically offers that might be different from other conferences. There will be a question period and short venue tour at the end of the presentation. Attendees will be given the option to register with the group rather than on their own. The exact time/duration for this presentation will be updated here when it is scheduled so watch this post or check the main schedule when it becomes available.

This is not intended to replace a bdsm/kink 101 and it is highly recommended that the very new amongst us (and those who want a refresher)